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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Looking for blood donors for my brother Kee Zainal Abidin Kee Abd Jalil who will undergo an open heart surgery


* Abang saya telah selamat menjalankan pembedahan dan telah dipindahkan keluar dari ICU ke wad biasa pada 25 Disember 2010. Saya mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih kepada semua yang telah sudi membantu kami, para penderma darah, ahli keluarga, sahabat handai dan para pembaca. Segala budi baik anda doa anda sekalian tidak akan kami lupakan, semoga Allah membalas jasa dan budi baik anda semua.

**My brother has undergone the surgery, today he has moved from the ICU to the ordinary ward. God's willing he will be able to go home soon. I would like to thank all the donors, family members, friends and readers for all your help and prayers. May you'll be repaid for your good deeds by Allah SWT in this world and in the Day after. Amin. 

Salam, dear family, friends and readers, we are currently looking for blood donors for our beloved brother Kee Zainal Abidin Kee Abdul Jalil who will undergo an open heart surgery on the 21st of December 2010.  If your blood type is O+ and willing to donate, please contact us for blood screening which is ongoing from the 2nd until 20th of December 2010. On behalf of my brother and family, we would like to thank you in advance, your kind gesture is greatly appreciated.

The requirements for donors  are as follow:

i. Age : Above 18 yrs
ii. Wt. : Not less than 45 kg
iii. In good health and not on medicationiv. Not pregnant or nursing (menyusu anak)
v. Have not undergone any surgery within the last 6 months
vi. Have exceeded 3 months from the last donation date
vii. Have not received a blood transfusion within the past 1 year
viii. Free from disease such as Hep B, Hep C, HIV and Syphilisix. Not involved in sexually active homosexual
x. Must be same blood group with patient
xi. Donors to come twice - first for screening test and second to donate blood.

B. Blood Bank Details:
i. 5th Floor, North Tower, SDMC (Previously SJMC),Subang Jaya,Selangor.
ii. Operating HrsMon - Fri : 08:30am- 1730pm Sat : 08:30am - 12:30pmThe centre is also open during lunch hours.
iii. Contact No. : 03 - 5639 1575

Note :
1. Donate Date is same as Operation Date i.e.21/12/2010; Time : 08:30am
2. Screening can be done starting  2/12/2010 until 20/12/2010 not later than 3pm. Those who want to check their blood group can do so at the Blood Bank Centre and once confirmed your type is O (+/-) , you can proceed to do screening. No charges will be incurred for blood group check and screening.
i. Last date to do screening : 20/12/2010 not later than 1500hrs (3pm).
ii. Those who drive can get their parking tickets stamp at the Blood Bank Counter to get free parking.
iii. Pse mention patient's name and MRN No.when enquiring/registering.

C. Patient's Details :
Name : Datuk K. Zainal Abidin bin A Jalil 
 MRN : 349269
Donate Date : 21/12/2010 (Date of Operation)
Time : 8:30am
Contact No Patient's Fmly members : 019 - 230 5051, 019 - 221 2718, 016 - 296 2431

Patient and immediate family members wish to thank to all to-be donors and appreciate this
kind gesture.May you'll be repaid for your good deeds by Allah swt in this world and in the
Day after. Amin.

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