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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

... that's why i love young immature coconut!!!

Imagine, sipping a young coconut water while sitting at the beach, enjoying the majestic view of the golden sea at sunset, whilst my lover is sitting beside me strumming his guitar of a classical melody... paradise. I have a thing for coconut water....and i am craving for a fresh one right now. At most times I prefer having it fresh from it's shell, sometimes  I would add some lemon. I would split the young coconut open and enjoy the yummy I wish I  can have one right now.

Young coconut water is not only delicious, it's beneficial to our health.  The coconut has a natural water filter and the water is sterile until the nut is break open.  It has been used in traditional medicine around the world   to treat a wide variety of health problems including asthma, baldness, bronchitis, bruises, burns, colds, constipation, cough, fever, flu, irregular or painful menstruation, jaundice, kidney stones, lice, malnutrition, nausea, rash, scabies, skin infections, sore throat, swelling, syphilis, toothache, tuberculosis, tumors, typhoid, ulcers, upset stomach, weakness, wounds etc. In Philiphines, coconut tree is highly valued and called 'Tree of Life',

In modern medicine, young coconut water has been known for it's therapeutic effect on urinary and reproductive system. Dr. Eugenio Macalalag,  director of the urology department at the Chinese General Hospital in Philiphines, says that young coconut water has demonstrated its effectiveness in patients suffering from kidney and urethral stone problems. He has been reported success in patients by directly infusing the water into the kidney. The hospital based treatment of 57 patients, 28 female and 29 male with 134 upper urinary stones were examined. Freshly picked young coconut between three to five days or refrigerated between seven to ten days were injected through ureteral catheres, inserted through the ureter to the kidney with 10% stone reduction per day. 134 uretero-renal stones were treated with 37 ureteral stones delivered, and 80 of 86 stones from the kidney dissolved or delivered after 20 to 100% reduction. There were 3% complications, mostly from infection, mainly nosocomial. Chills and fever were seen in the early stage when old (kept in store for a long time) and non-refrigerated young coconut was utilized. According to Dr. Macalalag, even by oral intake young coconut water taken 2 to 3 times a week has been observed to result in significant size reduction of kidney stones. Coconut water is a natural dieuretic so it increase urine flow. This helps to dilute the urine so that the various chemicals in your kidneys such as calcium, phosphates, uric acid, etc. are relatively easy to flush out of your system.

Coconut water can't actually replace blood plasma as it was often claims on many websites, chemical analysis indicates it is closer in makeup to intracellular fluid. It's usually sterile, and when mixed with plasma it behaves like saline solution. It's got fewer electrolytes in it than our bodies are used to and too much potassium,. but generally speaking, coconut transfusions are legit. In Siriraj and Chulalongkorn Medical School Hospital in Bangkok, a medical research has been administered intravenously to a series of 157 patients. There were 11 reactions in this series of infusion - a reaction rate of 7%. The reaction was transitory and has no serious clinical significance. From the research conducted, young coconut water can be used as a source of of potassium, calories, or as a carrier for the injection of sodium salts added to it for the emergency treatment of hypovolemia when other sterile pyrogen free fluids are unavailable.

In this country, there's a lot of stalls at the streets claiming to be selling young coconut water, which is actually not! First of all, the age of young coconut is between six to seven months, it begins to mature on the eight until  it is fully ripe at the age of 14 months.  When a young coconut is split open, it has gelatinous flesh and a clear fluid inside that has the natural sweetness in both taste and smell.  At this stage, the young or immature coconut is at it's ideal age for stable and constant fluid, electrolyte and protein content. However, mature coconuts is the type commonly found at the stalls or groceries, it has small amount of liquid and has thickened hard layer of white meat, both has become less sweet at this age. In most stalls, the coconut water was sold in a cup, mix with looooooooots of sugar. Almost 1/4 of the cup is filled with syrup (liquid sugar or some called it bar sugar??), 2/4 of coconut water (which usually added with tap water), and the rest are ice cubes and coconut meats ... duh!

A study conducted by Department of Pediatrics, Escola Paulista de Medicina, Universidade Federal de Sergipe, São Paulo, Brazil reported that the  chemical composition of coconut water during maturation varies and greatly reduced after the 8th to 9th months, it is also lacking of sodium and glucose concentrations that has potential value as an oral rehydration solution. So it's about time that you realise that you are drinking  fake mature coconut water from the stall.  As you quench your thirst, you can tell that it has lost its magical essence and you are actually killing yourself slowly by drinking lots of sugar and water of questionable hygienic practice!! Hahahah!! Nutrients pun hampir hilang penyakit pula timbul...
Coconut meat is thick and hard
 So what about the meat? You like to eat coconut meat or mix it with your dish, it's not bad for health... Right?!  Well yeah, nothing is bad for health and you are free to eat whatever you like as long as you take it moderately and that includes coconut meat. About 90% of the fat found in thick hardened white meat contains high amount of saturated fat, exceeding the amount found in lard and butter. Saturated fats in general raises both the good cholesterol HDL (High-density lipoprotein) and bad cholesterol LDL (Low-density lipoprotein). So is it good? Is it Bad? It can be bad and good or both, depending of the fat composition in the type of food consumed. For example, let's try to compare an egg and a coconut. An egg contains 27% of Palmitic Acid and 0% Lauric Acid, meanwhile coconut contains 47% of  Lauric Acid and 9% of Palmitic Acid. A large observational study led by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health showed that consumption of Palmitic Acid resulted in higher serum levels of both HDL and LDL cholesterol. Meanwhile in another study, Lauric Acid found to be the most potent to the LDL increase effect, while make no or little propotional changes in the increase level of HDL. At this point the coconut doesn't seems to be any better than the egg or maybe even worse, however if Palmitic Acid is taken with any trans fat food, it will give a different result where the level of LDL will increase and the HDL decreasing. Thus making the egg a bad choice of dietary since it has very high percentage of Palmitic Acid and cholesterol, and the high level of LDL will aggravate the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases as claims by WHO (World Health Organization). 

Favourably, a raw coconut meat has  no cholesterol, contains 33.9g of fat while 66.1g are nutritional. It is relatively high in minerals such as iron, phosphorus and zinc. However I still think it should be taken moderately tho ;P

Coconut jelly from young coconut is rumored to restores male sexual fluids. It's not clinically proven.
Anyway enough about fats, let's go on with my coco nuts... So put a stop to the  habit of   buying coconut water from the stall because  the truth is you are only having air gula kelapa matang hijau... Huahahaha!!! Well, if you really quench for the real thing, and you happen to live somewhere in Subang area... I know a stall selling authentic young coconut water nearby Sunway College (side gate) and facing the workshop. Satu cangkir besar baru RM2.50, wuik besar punya cangkir ooo mau lemas juga minum saturang.... if it's still there la kalau tiada sudah tu maybe the old man sudah meninggalkan dunia la..or he's out of young coconut coz everybody turn their coconut farm into palm plantation for the bigger bucks...hehehe... oh ada lagi satu bah jual air kelapa dan puding kelapa muda, di mana sudah tu yang ada jual kerang bakar di Sabah tu? Yang jalannya limpas  1B tu... awawawaaaau sedapnya dan tidak boleh dimakan selalu... huhuhu....

Okay, enuf ramblings and lets all claps our hands and sing together... "air kelapa muda memang sedap kalau di minum..." hehehe....

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Bunga Negara said...

I luv coconut water n flesh the young ones ofcourse. I always have it right from its shell - in its natural state. U can easily get it from the stall near the market in KK

Kee Heritage said...

wow u r so lucky kak, it's almost impossible to get it like that here :(

IsOn said...

the one yg limpas 1B tu maybe u mean salut area. many stalls there selling not only the fresh young coconuts but also the bakar one.

they said air kelapa muda bakar has more therapeutic effects on many illnesses. not sure of its truthfulness.

maybe in term of sterility yes coz the coconut water has indeed been boiled. they could also be some chemical changes induced by the heat. need to study more.

anyway nice posting here on the benefits of young coconuts. so let us all look for the genuine one for better health. ;)

Kee Heritage said...

Yes that's right doctor Ison, yang di Salut area tu yang sa maksud tapi telupa namanya... hahaha...

Anonymous said...

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It is all stainless, Opens a drinking coconut in less than a minute, It cuts a 2in. hole in the top of the coconut, Saving the water,and allowing the flesh to be spooned out to eat. Charlie

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