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Thursday, March 12, 2009


The wikipedia states that - Hysteria, in its colloquial use, describes a state of mind, one of unmanageable fear or emotional excesses. The fear is often caused by multiple events in one's past that involved some sort of severe conflict; the fear can be centered on a body part or most commonly on an imagined problem with that body part (disease is a common complaint). See also Body dysmorphic disorder and Hypochondriasis. People who are "hysterical" often lose self-control due to the overwhelming fear.

Psychiatrists and other physicians have in theory given up the use of "hysteria", replacing it with more euphemistic terms that are essentially synonyms. These include "psychosomatic", "functional", "nonorganic", "psychogenic", and "medically unexplained". In 1980 the American Psychiatric Association officially changed the diagnosis of "hysterical neurosis, conversion type" to "conversion disorder". Hysteria also has significant overlap with the diagnostic term "somatization disorder" and with somatoform disorders in general.

Several days ago I encounter a situation where this person was behaving rather strangely or hysterically? She was in her early teens. Her parents took her to the hospital, but the medical officers found no explanation to her condition. To calm her down she was drugged. Several days before this there was another case but in this case the girl was taken to a medium (traditional medicinmen). Fortunately for her, her conditions improved after several session with the medium. The medium's method of healing is equally unusual and secretive. The medium believe that there are mystical beings that had taken control of the girls making them behave as what these beings would. Do you believe in mystics like the gene or elfs?


Aiso said...

ooo... hampir setiap hari aku nampak ini di transtv. dorang panggil kesurupan. we have no choice but to believe in the unseen. percaya kepada yg ghaib... kan kan kan... heheh

AIRMAS said...

ya, bikin ngerikan. Muda2an kita dilindungi dari musibah ini. InsyAllah.

akibaragon said...

Peringatan kepada gadis2 melayu kerana kata ketua jin "siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan..tak menarik hati tiada memikat..kalau tak benar tak mungkin aku tertarik...kalau tak sungguh tak mungkin aku merasukkk..."

kyro said...

Arwah bapa pesan sebelum tidur baca Ayat al-kursi,al-ikhlas,al-falak,an-nas dan alfatihah.Insya Allah kita akan dilindungiNya