There will be an exhibition done by Sabah State Library for the opening ceremony of Bandar Sri Indah in Tawau on the 8th of March, 2011. There would be several prints of Tawau old photos on display and the Kee Family book by Kee Faridah as well. Please stop by and visit if you have the time :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Groovyness :P

This is a photograph I took and uploaded on my online gallery, called it Psychedelic Drops. No editing except for the watermark. The sunlight from the window was reflected on both the drops and surface creating this colorful creation. Does it remind you of anything? Hehe..  Today I logged in to my gallery account and found out it has been featured in the weekly Friday Far Out Features journal under the Random Groovyness (Photograph) section by....guess who..  The Hippies Club.. Hahaha... Peace :P

Friday, November 13, 2009

Life Isn't Always Sunshine

I was on my way home. Suddenly my mobile phone rang. A friend who had not called me for a while was on the line. After the usual greetings, she told me that she would like to see me. I said I'm just about reach my home after the whole morning out in the city. I then told her to come and visit me at home. She promised me she would make it the next day. Since she had been away on a trip overseas, maybe she had some gift to hand over to me. He he he.
Actually I just had tea in town with another friend from out of town. This friend had told me about her cashflow problem. Funny why she thinks I could give her some advice on such matters. I had worked for a Government Agency that manages GLCs but I myself had never embarked on any kind of business of my own. She told me that her first venture - a Cafe was a flop. She lost almost a hundred thousand ringgit on that venture. So I said why didnt she sell the shop? And having reflected it in my mind, I said - "no buyers?" and she said 'yes'.
Now she is operating a Canteen in a Higher Institution of Learning. She said that she could make average RM2,000.00 a day but because she had no Operating Capital, everything is bought on credit. For the last six months she had not received payment on food supplied and that she is three months due on rental. She's got notice to pay. I told her maybe she could approach the bank for credit - she said she could not because she had been blacklisted - see she had guaranteed a friend - and this friend had defaulted on her loan. Now she (my friend) is on the receiving end due to her friend's non compliance to pay the loan. What is your views - how could she get the capital to continue her venture and make money out of it?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Pada Hari Sabtu (28 Nov 2009) yang lalu aku pigi Terminal Bus Inanam - kakak iparku mau balik Sandakan.

Eeeeeh ngeri aku meninguk - adakah patut orang-orang disitu mengejar penumpang macam memaksa saja bunyinya - macam mengertak pun ada - menyuruh orang membeli tikit dari diaurang. Nasib baik kakak iparku ni rupanya sudah biasa - tikit sudah dia suruh orang lain beli - ndalah dia dibubut-bubut(kejar) sebab dia sudah ada tikit.

Waktu kami duduk-duduk menunggu bas bertolak adalah satu orang putih (mau juga diurang ni naik bas bah). Apa lagi dikejar entah berapa orang - ada kali empat lima orang masing-masing berebut-rebut menyuruh orang putih tu membeli tikit dari tempat diaurang. Nasib baik ada dua orang Pegawai Penguatkuasa Dewan Bandaraya yang mengawal keadaan. Tapi bikin takut bah - rasa-rasanya dua orang Pegawai Penguatkuasa ni macam nda cukup bah. Patut juga ada polis bah menjaga keadaan disini.