There will be an exhibition done by Sabah State Library for the opening ceremony of Bandar Sri Indah in Tawau on the 8th of March, 2011. There would be several prints of Tawau old photos on display and the Kee Family book by Kee Faridah as well. Please stop by and visit if you have the time :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Journey in Life

As we journey through life we plan our own destinations.Some are obligatory while others are for pleasure.

It is Allah's wish that you make this destination.So it is fortunate that He has chosen you.

As humans we tend to put pleasure before obligations.But somehow if Allah loves you , He will beckon you to perform this beautiful journey of a lifetime.

So on this eventful day, the 23rd of April 2011, you have planned your destination, to be Allah's guest.You are going to perform the Umrah, a most beautiful and memorable one, Insya Allah.

It is an eventful one for you my little sister, as the first is always the hardest.But do not fret, because you are in good Hands as this is the closest you get to be with Allah .

I pray for your safety and hope you'll get through this journey as I see you have a beautiful and confident stride to start your destination.May Allah guide you always.Amin.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Sabtu 23 April 2011 lebih kurang jam 3.00 petang - Adik-adikku yang tersayang, Kee Ismail, Kee Zainal Abidin, Kee Salmiah dan anak buahku Kee Norhana berangkat menunaikan Umrah. Semoga mendapat barakah dan dipermudahkan segala urusan.

Hari Sabtu 23 April 2011 - juga aku bergegas pulang ke kampung untuk ziarah keluarga kerana ayah kepada sepupuku (Jainon) meninggal dunia. Takziah aku ucapkan pada keluarga sepupuku. Semoga roh Allahyarham ditempatkan bersama-sama orang-orang beriman.

Hari Sabtu 23 April 2011- jam 5.00 petang - Heidi cucuku untuk kali pertama akan ke Kuala Lumpur bersama papamamanya. Heidi akan menyambut ulangtahun Pertamanya di Kuala Lumpur. Selamat Hari Lahir Heidi. Nenek sayang kamu.

Begitu banyak peristiwa manis - pahit - inilah kehidupan.