There will be an exhibition done by Sabah State Library for the opening ceremony of Bandar Sri Indah in Tawau on the 8th of March, 2011. There would be several prints of Tawau old photos on display and the Kee Family book by Kee Faridah as well. Please stop by and visit if you have the time :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Photographs From JKKKEE 2008 Events

More photos will be added soon, when I have the time *hehehe... I hope other team member can contribute photographs from the event as well. Thx.

If the picture takes too long to upload you may view the photo collection in the photo album in the JKKKEE 2008 Photo Album link on the top of this page or click here to view photo collection.


E-dude said...

woaaa...bestnyaa....tapi satu ja pulak gambar yang ada aku hahahaha...

Anonymous said...

sapa suruh ko m.i.a saja payah mo digambar kamurang semua ni. tapi aku la teda satu gambar pun.. hahaha..