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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dried Flowers

Today is 11 September 2008. Does it ring a bell? The September 11 fiasco when the Twin Tower (USA) collapsed. To me it's too far away yet the significance was quite so so - as I remember it our economy slide down - the value of a few shares I had (just a small amount) were devalued, therefore I lost a bit of money but the lost were not as great as that of the lost of love ones.

It was Saturday night when we attended a ball (dancing parties were the order of the day way back in 1985). As we entered the hall a girl who happen to be my former classmate pinned a corsage on my lapel. It was made of an orchid flower and a few strand of fern leaves. It was the last time I danced with my hubby for the next day he and my youngest son died due to drowning. Today as I looked at the dried flowers which I had pressed in between the leaves of my diary, my prayer goes to them. May they rest in peace in God's heaven.


KeeHeritage said...

Marilah kita sama2 sedekahkan al-fatihah, semoga roh mereka berdua dicucuri rahmat. Amin.

~teringat senyuman arwah Lyndon yang comel.

Anonymous said...


sad post.

may all the souls be blessed and rip.

melimpas ja ni ah..hehe

Badrogon said...

Lost and found of love on september will always be in memory. Al-Fatihah

Kee Norhana said...

Al-Fatihah kepada arwah uncle Gordon dan adik Lyndon semoga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat, Amin ya Rabbal 'alamin.