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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Newspaper Clipping from NST, issue 23 Sept 2008.

Kee family gathers for Hari Raya
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TAWAU: The first gathering of the Kees, a large family synonymous with Tawau, will be held at the Tawau community hall here on Oct 4.

The Kee family were descendants of Chinese national Kee Kim Swee, who embraced Islam using the name Kee Abdullah, and became the first civil servant in Tawau in 1894.

Many descendants of Kee Abdullah rose to prominence, including Sabah state Secretary Datuk K.Y. Mustafa and Assistant Finance Minister Datuk Tawfiq Datuk Abu Bakar Titingan, who is also the assemblyman for Apas.

Tawau district chief OKK Kee Mohd Ayub Kee Abu Bakar was a great-grandson of Kee Abdullah. His father, Kee Abu Bakar, was Tawau's first district chief.

Gathering chairman Kee Hamid Kee Sulaiman said the event was aimed at giving the Kee family the opportunity to meet.
He was hopeful that all descendants of the family would return to attend the historic occasion. -- Bernama


sujini said...
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sujini said...

Wow, gempak betul la Keluarga Kee ni!
Sampai masuk berita arus Perdana.

Kee Heritage said...

emm.. apa komen pertama tu curious plak... hehehehe..

liau said...

Ialah - akupun curious juga hehehe

liau said...

Kee Ayub bin Kee Abu Bakar is not the great-grandson of Kee Kim Swee. Kee Ayub bin Kee Abu Bakar, is the grandson of Kee Kim Swee because, Ayub is the son of Kee Abu Bakar bin Kee Abdullah @ Kee Kim Swee.

sujini said...

Biasalah reporter arus perdana ni. Bila kita beritau A diorang tulis B. Bila kita cerita A+B, diorang lapor A saja. Munkin reporter pun macam PM, rabun dan tuli.

WAllah hu'alam.

liau said...

Ia Pah, puasa kot? lemas tak pe la. Boleh dimaafkan.